The OSIA Science and Education Fund

The Ohio Seed Improvement Association (OSIA) Science and Education Fund was established as of July 1, 1993 by OSIA Board of Directors with gifts to the Ohio Seed Improvement Association Development fund through the medium of cash, securities or annuities, and bequests from members of OSIA, 6150 Avery Road, Box 477, Dublin, Ohio 43017-0477.

All gifts are to be invested in OSIA's permanent fund, und
er rules and regulations adopted by the Board of Directors, with the right to invest and reinvest as occasion dictates.

Fifty percent of the annual income from the fund shall provide funding for plant breeding research activities performed by the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center or other qualified entities, and the remaining fifty percent will be designated for development and promotion activities by the Ohio Seed Improvement Association. The purpose for, and amount of, each award in any one year, or for a series of years, shall be determined by an OSIA committee composed of three members from the Ohio Seed Improvement Association, as follows:

Ohio Seed Improvement Association

  • President

  • Secretary/Manager

  • Chairman, Research Committee

  • Chairman, Education/Seed School Planning Committee

    Chairmanship of the Committee shall be established on a three-year rotation basis among the OSIA President and other committee chairpersons. The number, size and type of awards to be made by the OSIA Committee each year shall be dependent upon the annual income from the fund and any unfulfilled commitments.

    Criteria for selection of activities/projects shall include:

    1. Perceived urgency of problems/proposals/challenges involving the ongoing, or future health of the Certified seed industry in Ohio;

    2. Wishes of major donors to the endowment insofar, as those wishes are compatible with perceived needs of OSIA and the Certified seed industry in Ohio;

    3. Availability of matching funds from other agencies, entities, or individuals or individuals.

Should the need for funding cease to exist, or so diminish as to provide regularly-accumulating unused income, the principal of the endowment shall be made available to the Ohio State University College of Agriculture's Agronomy Department for continuing support of equipment purchases, applied research or biotechnology involving the development of superior performing crop cultivars uniquely adapted to Ohio.

Suggested Levels of Giving

Gift Level Recognition

 $50 - 229

Certified Seed Industry Supporter - annual recognition in OSIA newsletter.

$300 - 999

 Certified Seed Industry Supporter - Certificate of recognition and annual recognition in OSIA newsletter.

$1000 - 4,999

Certified Seed Industry Benefactor - Recognition on Seed Industry plaque (displayed in OSIA Conference room). Annual recognition OSIA newsletter.

$5000 or more per year
for five years.

Certified Seed Industry Sustaining Member - Special plaque of recognition, annual recognition in OSIA newsletter.