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2015 Seed School

Save the date! The 80th Annual Professional Seed Grower's School will take place on January 15, 2015. at the Crown Plaza Hotel, 600 Metro Place, Dublin, Ohio. Information Forthcoming

Field Inspection Application Form

A new field application import spreadsheet has been developed. It allows you to enter all your field application information into a spreadsheet rather than having to handwrite all the applications. It can be downloaded here. Simply list one field per row in the spreadsheet. When you’re finished, email the excel file to Eric at: groll@ohseed.org. Field maps can be mailed separately or emailed.

Seed Variety Information

A new feature of the Ohio Seed Improvement Association web is the Certified Variety pages. These pages provide the latest up-to-date information about or varieties, including a daily update to producers growing the variety in question. Check out our certified varieties by clicking on the navigation on the left under Certified Varieties.

Sample Packing List

A Sample Packing List form has been provided for your use when samples are being sent to the seed lab for testing. The form can be downloaded here. You may type your information onto the form before printing. The form should be filled out as well as the sample bags. This will make sure all information such as letters and numbers are correct, and the lab can process the information quickly and accurately; and your valuable time will not be wasted with unnecessary phone calls. Please send a copy of the Sample Packing List with your samples and keep one for your records.

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