Tests Offered

Herbicide Tolerance Test - OSIA now offers herbicide tolerance testing for soybean and corn seed lots in order to confirm the presence of resistant genes and to identify seed lot contamination with non-tolerant varieties.  Both 8 to 10 day "Quick" tests ($18/sample) and 21 day Greenhouse Growout ($28/sample) options are available.  Clients should carefully indicate on the seed sample packet the kind of test(s) desired.

  • Soybean Herbicide Tolerance Tests:  Roundup Ready®, STS, & Liberty Link™.

  • Corn Herbicide Tolerance Tests:  Roundup Ready®; Liberty Link™-submit PAT & non-PAT of the same hybrid.

Standard Warm Germination - Reflects field emergence potential of seed under ideal field conditions. Treatment may or may not improve this value.

Registered Seed Technologist on Staff.

Cold Test - Reflects field emergence potential of seed under field stress conditions of low temperature and high moisture. Treatment may or may not improve this value.

Tetrazolium (TZ) - This test known as the "quick test" for seed lot viability and can be very useful when an approximate germination is needed rapidly. After conditioning, seeds are chemically treated to give an indication of viable, abnormal and dead seeds in a lot. This test will not indicate disease as our warm germination test does. This test is highly reliable for corn, wheat and grasses.

Seed Count - This test will give the number of seeds per pound for seedlots. This information is becoming increasingly important for precision planting purposes of row crops and cereal grains. Useful in establishing a planter/drill seeding rate to achieve a desired plant population per acre. Consult your implement handbook for proper planter or drill calibrations.

Moisture Content - Moistures above 12% are unsafe for soybean seed storage and may result in reduction of germination over time.

A full line of turf seed and row crop testing services.

Pure Seed - Percentage of seed in the sample that is potentially usable. A high percentage is desirable.

Inert - Percentage of foreign material such as empty pods, broken seeds, dirt, etc. A low percentage is preferable.

Weeds - Percentage of all seed of plants recognized as weeds. A zero percentage is best.

Other Crop - Percentage of sample composed of other crops plants such as corn in soybeans. A low or zero percentage is best.

Abnormal Percentage - The percentage of seedlings failing to develop properly due to mechanical injury, immaturity, etc.

Disease Percentage - The percentage of abnormal seedlings expressing disease infection. Treating seed may or may not improve this value.

Seed Quality Ratings
Low  Medium High
Standard Germination:
Soybeans <84% 85-89% 90%+
Corn <89% 90-94% 95%+
Small Grains <79% 80-84% 85%+
Cold Test:
Soybeans <59% 60-69% 70%+
Corn <69% 70-79% 80%+